5 Quick and Easy Actions When Purchasing Used Pedicure Nail Spa Chairs from Private Sellers

Looking to add pedicure services to your salon but don't want to break the bank for pedicure nail spa chair?  Purchasing used or refurbished nail chair is a good option, but research and caution must take place to avoid costly repair and headaches. Here are 5 quick and easy actions when buying used pedicure nail spa chairs from private sellers:

1. Examine for cosmetic and overall condition. 

  • Leather upholstery: closely look for wear and tear, make sure there isn't any faded or stain spot.  If leather has faded or stain spot, see if you could hide them by flat seat pillow and back rest pillow.  If the leather condition is non-repairable you could purchase leather upholstery from Ghecu.com or eBay starting at $180.  
  • Check remote control if it's intact and every button functions.  If remote control needs replacement, check to see if it is available in the market before buying the chair.  In some cases, the nail chair model could be discontinued and finding a replacement part is a challenge.  
  • Check the base to make sure paint doesn't strip and no major dents or chips.

2. Test the whirlpool system.  Pour a bucket of water into spa tub and turn on jet system to make sure it is running like it is supposed to.  Take the magnet jet head apart to make sure if there isn't any rust.  Replacing magnet jet head is simple and cost about $45.

3. Run water through to make sure discharge pump is working and no leaks in plumbing system.  Simply pour a bucket of water in spa tub, put water stopper in and wait for few minutes, and check for leakage.  Unplug the water stopper, run the discharge pump (if exist), and make sure no leaks at drainage system.

4. Sit on the chair and run the massage system.  Again, check the remote control to see if it is intact and no damage.  Press all options on the remote control to make sure they all functioning for at least 5 minutes.  Make sure the massage rollers go up and down with ease.  If needed, take the leather part out to examine the massage system closely.

5. Test adjustable power seat.  Make sure the nail chairs could move back and forth, and back lean up and down.  This is very important because it contributes to your customers' comfort.  

Bonus tips:
  • Don't buy without testing it out yourself
  • Buy locally if buying from private seller


When you buy refurbished spa chairs from GheCu.com, we run all necessary tests and clean out every parts to make sure they look like new.  We video chat with you to run through the nail spa chair before packaging it for shipment.  


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