GheCu Warranty

All pro-refurbished spa chairs sold by is under 6 months limited warranty.  Buyers are responsible to read and agreed to terms prior to purchase.  

  1. Warranty begins the day buyer receives the product.  Buyer is responsible to examine the product upon arrival and will have 7 days to report any defect or malfunction.  After 7 days, will not be responsible for any damage done while transportation or covered under company warranty. 
  2. We offer and highly recommend to video chat with us to confirm that all pedicure spa chairs (pro-refurbished and new) are in perfect working condition.  In case clients aren't available for video chat, we will upload videos of the final product(s) to showcase them in working condition.  These are to be done prior us boxing and order delivery.  Pro-refurbished condition is defined as follow: 
  • Spa chair is intact -- all parts are present without malfunction.
  • Massage system and power seat operate normally with remote control intact
  • Magnet jet (if included) should operate normally
  • Armrests (with or without trays) open and close without difficulty
  • No presence of leakage 
  • Leather, base, armrests, and other parts may have minor wear and tear -- and will disclosed to buyer via video chat or pictures.  
  • We do not have warranty for any damages cause during transportation, set up, installation, or accidental during daily usage.  We highly recommend buyer to purchase shipping insurance and hire professional for set up and installation.
  • We do not have warranty for upgraded features that are proprietary to the original manufacture such as auto-fill system and discharge system.
  • GheCu will not provide labor to install or replace any damage parts under warranty. 
  • Parts will be shipped out via ground.  Expedite shipment can be requested per client's digression and buyer will be responsible for shipment cost.
  • GheCu DOES NOT warranty for any damages cause during daily operation, including: broke bowl, broken remote control, and normal wear and tear.  

For any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us @ or call us at (704) 899-5899.