About Us


About Salons Warehouse:

GHECU.COM was established in 2008 with the sole purpose to serve and empower the nail salon owners.  Gathering from years of experience of restoring various manufacturers' products (i.e Whalespa, t-4 Spa, LUXSPA, GuflStream, NewStar, Lexor, etc), we learned to be very selective in product selectivity.  Due to high demands of refurbished spa pedicure chairs, GheCu.com contracts with top manufacturers to carry wide selection of products, and today we've opened the largest warehouse in the Carolinas, and sell directly to nail salon without going through 3rd party channel. 

Quality Matters!  Every pedicure spa chair is inspected thoroughly to the nuts and bolts.  We strip each spa chair down to the bone and run tests to make sure they are fully functioning.  If parts are not intact or damaged, we replace with OEM parts. When you buy from ghecu.com, you can rest assure they work like new.

Looks Matter! We examine every inches of the chair and make sure cosmetic is up to standard.  We have in-house pro painting room and use top quality paint to repaint or touch up imperfect spots.  When you buy from ghecu.com, you can rest assure they look like new.

We're confident in our products and we empower you to buy with confidence! Each chair is under 6 months top to bottom warranty.  


We want to empower every entrepreneur to open his/her own place and live the independent dream.  We want to have a long-term relationship with you!  For every spa chair replacement, leather replacement, chair repair or maintenance, we want to be the first one and the one you will call.  


To empower every entrepreneur to live his/her dream.