Refurbished Vs Reconditioned Vs Renewed Pedicure Nail Spa Chairs

Refurbished, reconditioned, and renewed pedicure nail spa chairs are used interchangeably depending which marketing jargon the company wants to use.  The process usually involves repairing of used pedicure nail spa chairs to look and work like new.  The steps we take at are: 

  1. Run all electrical and hydraulic components at least 8 hours or overnight 
  2. Take pedicure nail chair apart and inspect each part.
  3. Replace or repair each malfunctioning part with OEM part
  4. Deep clean with air pressure and pressure washer, and oil massage system and hydraulic system.
  5. Run nail chairs overnight and perform final 10-point inspection.
  6. Prior to packing for shipment, we video record or video chat with client for final walk through.

Overall, refurbished or reconditioned or renewed pedicure nail spa chairs are not 100% new, but with good skill and experience, they could work and look almost new and should save you at least 40% to 80% of cost.  

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