Refurbished VS. Used Pedicure Nail Spa Chairs

'Used' Vs Refurbished Pedicure Nail Spa Chairs Summary:

Used nail chair: Mostly 'sold as is' by owners 

  • PROS: Less costly (initially): ranging $150 to $2000.
  • CONS: No warranty, higher risk and headaches, more costly and time consuming if malfunction. Buyers have to do extensive research and inspect chairs carefully.

Refurbished Pedicure Nail Spa Chairs: Sold by company with repairing experience.

  • PROS: 40% to 80% of original price, warranty by seller company, peace of mind, all components are intact and look like new (we can only speak for
  • CONS: Price could be higher than used chairs sold by local owners.  

Refurbished pedicure nail chair

What's the difference between 'used' and 'refurbished' pedicure nail spa chairs? 

Buying used or refurbished pedicure nail spa chairs could save a lot of money, especially when you're just starting your own salon business.  The difference could be in the thousands of dollars - but big saving comes with higher risk, and to avoid headaches of equipment malfunction you need to do intensive research. 

Used pedicure nail spa chairs could be found on major local listings like Craigslist (, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Google shopping, etc.  Price ranging from $150 to $2000 depending on condition, brand, and seller's situation.  Most of used pedicure chairs sold are 'sold as is' and if you're lucky, everything runs smoothly, if not, it'll be a disaster. Due to the complexity of pedicure nail chair, repairing is costly, time consuming, and OEM parts are not always available.  Therefore, you may end up spending much more than expected.  

Refurbished pedicure nail spa chairs are usually sold by a company who has experience in repairing and renewing spa chairs.  They may cost few hundred dollars more than used pedicure chairs 'sold as is' by owners, but most of the time they are under warranty (at least 6 months @  So you can have a peace of mine, more time to focus on your clients and less time worrying about nail chair malfunctioning.  

At, we have over 10 years of repairing and renewing pedicure nail spa chairs.  First thing we do when we received our used chair inventory is that we run the massage system and whirlpool jet 10 hours overnight to ensure all components are functioning correctly.  We open every part of the chair and provide a deep clean, and oil the massage system and hydraulic power seat.  We replace any missing part with new OEM parts.  If the leather shows any sign of wear and tear, we replace them with new premium acetone-resistant leather. If there is a wear/tear or dent, we repair and repaint it.  Therefore, most of our pedicure nail spa chairs aren't just refurbished, they are renewed.  And at price lower than $890, you get 6 month warranty plus a peace of mind.


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